Netflix is ​​testing a new feature – The behind it

For the Netflix Android app, a new feature is available for a small fraction of users. The streaming service is experimenting with settings that have been inspired mainly by podcast listeners.

Netflix currently experimenting with the integration of a new feature on Android that could change the way series and movies are consumed on the platform dramatically: Much like on Youtube or various audio streams it should be possible the test group also Netflix programs in different play speeds. The options lie at 0.5-fold, 0.7-fold, normal, 1.25-fold and 1.5-fold speed. Android Police reported that there probably is a limited to a few users test run.

play Netflix programs at different speeds

Films and series in fast forward

The option of playing a content in multi-speed, primarily benefit listeners of podcasts that want to quickly get through their favorite broadcasts tv review. Netflix is ​​testing whether the feature even when streaming movies, series, documentaries, stand-up and other Netflix content is practical and desired.

Netflix experimented according to Variety in the past internally with such a function, the industry magazine over expressed a spokesman for the group: “We are always looking for new ways to support our fans going to enjoy the content they love; Therefore, we test playback speed options on mobile devices. Our tests differ usually in length and in the countries in which they run, and it may be that they are or our service to permanent functions either. “

Whether the different speed options will be available after the test run at some point for all Android users and also users on desktop, iOS and Co. are available or even permanently integrated on all devices, so is anybody’s guess.

Similarly, if the function is ever used by Netflix subscribers, after all, films and series so not designed to be watched in fast-forward or half speed and thus lose much of effect.