Long before Netflix: Starting today, the 5th season of “Outlander” will be on free TV for free

The wait for the fifth season of “Outlander” is over – at least for everyone who doesn’t just have streaming subscriptions and pay TV channels. The new episodes of the popular fantasy series are coming on TV!

Waiting for new seasons has a long tradition for “Outlander” fans – at least if they live in Germany and prefer YesMovies watch their favorite series in German. Netflix customers in particular are only being supplied with supplies slowly and have to be patient.

The streaming service currently only offers season four, although the fifth season in the USA and in this country has long been shown on RTL Passion on pay TV. The latest episodes can of course also be bought on Amazon as VoD *.

But today we have good news for all fans who don’t feel like subscriptions and pay-TV channels: From July 22nd, 2020, the fifth season of “Outlander” will be broadcast on VOX – for free on free TV. Two episodes are to be broadcast every Wednesday from 8:15 p.m., which means six weeks of series with 12 episodes.

The fifth season of “Outlander” will run on VOX from July 22, 2020 – for free on free TV

Season 5 could then be on Netflix

So far there is no official date for the fifth season of “Outlander” on Netflix. Experience has shown that the new episodes land on the streaming platform a year after the free TV premiere. That would currently mean that Netflix customers can expect supplies in the summer of 2021.

If things go faster this time and “Outlander” lands on Netflix before next summer, we will of course inform you in good time.

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