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Porsche Taycan determined the best electric car in the world

Although it really is Tesla paved the way for electric cars and for many years was the best vehicle for such a drive in the world, now the new king became electricians Taycan from Porsche.At least, so say experts from the British motoryzacyjni The Sun. They had the opportunity to test all electric vehicles, which only emerged in recent years on the market, and unanimously believe that Taycan beats them all in the head at every level. Although the taste is not about talking, it is as loving greatest experts in combustion vehicles think they want to have ownership of it, this thing has to be on top of things.Model S from Tesla still sells well, and the best is yet to Elon Muskie, who a few days ago opened GigafabrykÄ™ in China and has received over a billion dollars from investors for the further development of the company. It does not change the fact that the Model S begins already bored customers interested in electric vehicles.Experts stress that they start to be interested in cars of other companies. And here begins the forefront was Porsche with his Taycanem, which most likely will be considered an electric car by 2020. The 4S model is not only interesting from Tesla’s appearance, but also more thrilling and at the same time a luxurious interior.Reviewers believe that Taycan 4S is simply more refined and after driving it does not refer to the impression that plastic car with pain minimalist interior that is well known from Tesla. Porsche stresses that the 4S is a foretaste Tayce possibilities that will soon appear in the Turbo version. This is what she has finally smash Model S from Tesla. We will see.