Elon Musk showed the main station of the Loop transport system near Las Vegas The Boring Company is currently implementing a historic project in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. A super-fast transport system for the 21st century is being built there, which will be called Loop.

Elon Musk showed on his Twitter profile The Boring Company the interior of the main station of the transport system called Loop, which is being built under the City of Gambling. In the film, we can see the hall in the background illuminated with colorful LEDs, with the sounds of one of the songs of the late musician Avici. There are escalators to the main station from the city center. Tesla vehicles are waiting for passengers there, which they can use to set off on their way to their destination. The journey takes place in full autonomous mode at a speed in excess of 200 km / h.

The city authorities want to use the benefits of the Loop system to connect the most important parts of the city with each other. Two tunnels, leading in both directions, will tv review 1600 meters long and will connect the street of casinos and the airport with the conference center with three stations. The choice was not accidental, the center belongs to the Las Vegas Tourism Agency and is visited by over a million people annually. The Loop system is to be put into use as early as next month.

The tunnels will use the capabilities of traditional Tesla vehicles as well as special Loop vehicles that can carry up to 16 people on their decks. The Loop is intended to carry up to 4,400 passengers per hour at a speed of up to 250 km / h. All vehicles are to act as robotic taxis and move in full autonomous mode. Customers will only have to exit to the selected station and continue to get on the vehicles. The cost of building the entire travel infrastructure of the future is expected to consume 50 million dollars and become a showcase of the city not only in the United States, but also around the world.

Another Loop is being made in San Bernardino. The information disclosed shows that two tunnels will be built in both directions, approx. 4500 meters long. These will be the longest tunnels that Muska has built so far. The plan is to build them between Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario International Airport. The authorities want to create a new, efficient transport system for airport customers. Up to 1,200 people would travel daily using the Loop system, and up to a million annually.

The value of the project is to amount to $ 60 million and will be a better solution than the construction of a metro network worth as much as $ 1 billion. Although the idea of ​​moving transport underground, which Elon Musk came up with a few years ago in a traffic jam, is painful, the billionaire believes that when the first utility Loop system is created, other cities around the world will understand that this is the future and start invest it.

The Boring Company already has an order to build a Loop system not only from the municipalities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but also from Chicago. In all cases, underground tunnels will connect the city center with international airports and are expected to be the fastest and cheapest form of transport for residents. Musk wants the fare to be under $ 1.