Meet Jamoc, the new robo-dog from Tencent, the Chinese gaming giant Tencent in the world is known mainly for computer games, but the company does not limit itself and intends to invest in the latest technologies that will allow it to conquer other industries, including robotics.

Jamoca is the newest and most advanced robo-dog in the company's history. Engineers from the secret Robotics X Lab department have been working on the project for some time. This is where robots are designed and built, which will soon appear on the streets of Chinese cities, where they will take care of their safety, inform residents about important matters or deliver parcels from stores.

The robot has just been presented in a laboratory in Shenzhen city. Jamoca has successfully passed a series of difficult tests that all machines of this type must pass. The Robo-Dog is doing quite well and in this matter is not inferior to its competition, not only from China itself, but also South Korea, Japan and the United States.

The quadruped is 1 meter long, 50 cm wide, 75 cm high and weighs 70 kilograms. It has been equipped with autonomous technologies, a LiDAR laser system and several cameras that allow him to orientate himself in space and map it in real time, to be able to move around it faster and Moviesider efficiently. Tencent engineers see an application for their robot in carrying out inspections in industrial facilities and as a support for emergency services.

Although there are already many Jamoc-like robots around the world, such as the Spot from Boston Dynamics, Chinese companies have and will have an advantage over the competition, due to the price of such robots. The device from Tencent or Unitree Robotics is even 5 times cheaper than inventions from other companies, so it is not surprising that companies more often choose solutions from Chinese engineers.