The CIA caught and kicked 1,000 scientists from the US to spy on the Chinese government US counterintelligence services said Chinese agents have already targeted President-elect Joe Biden as well as his team. The CIA has captured a nice squad of Chinese spies in national universities.

It seems that both the new American president and the relevant services do not have a moment to rest after an intense election campaign (Chinese attempts to influence it are called a campaign on steroids), because new challenges lie ahead. As it turns out, after the announcement of a new chapter in the trade war, i.e. the passing of the law on the presence of Chinese companies on the American stock exchange, which will only be possible if they decide to submit to the same audit rules as other companies (they will have to disclose, controlled or managed by some foreign government), Beijing has stepped up its efforts.

By the way, from the US Deputy Attorney General for National Security, John Demers, we also learn that the FBI identified hundreds of Chinese scientists this summer who were also agents of the Middle Kingdom. The whole action began after the arrests of the first five: - These arrests are the tip of the iceberg, and to be honest - the size of this mountain is so huge that there is probably no person who would be aware of the scale of the threat - explains Demers, assuring that he would do everything so that the new administration understands the threat and is able to recognize it when it comes into contact with it, because due to the financial resources at the disposal of Chinese agents, it is very serious

Returning, however, to the most interesting issue, i.e. scientists associated with the Chinese government, in connection with the FBI activities, over 1,000 of them decided to leave the United States and, as the services emphasize, are completely different people than those identified or arrested earlier! Where did this decision come from? Most likely for fear of accusations of industrial and technological espionage, which, if proven, would amount to imprisonment, and besides, according media joker the services, they came to the US at the request of the Chinese government, so now they are probably leaving it on the order of the same.

So it looks like the trade war between China and the United States will continue, because while Joe Biden is expected to make more rational decisions than Donald Trump, he will still act in the American interest. In fact, this is suggested by his words in an interview with the New York Times, where he emphasizes that his priority in the Chinese case is to build an alliance and continue practices that strike offensive Chinese practices: whom we considered our - allies on one side. It will be a priority for me in the first weeks of my presidency to be on one side with our allies.