Who's the most garbage in space? Analysts presented a ranking of countries The development of the space industry is progressing so rapidly that the Earth's orbit is rapidly turning into one huge garbage dump that could threaten future space missions.

Humanity has already turned the Earth into a huge garbage dump, and is now trying to do so with orbit as well. The next step will probably be the Moon and Mars. However, we can limit our devastation of outer space by creating projects to clean it. Many companies are already successfully testing their technologies, but dealing with so much rubbish will not be an easy task.

Hundreds of new devices appear in orbit every year. Experts estimate that up to 100,000 satellites could be launched into space in this decade alone. And what will happen to those that have failed and are useless? Such zombie objects pose a huge threat to future space missions. NASA is concerned that if we do nothing about it, it will eventually lead to a disastrous disaster.

Some of the satellites may soon be brought back to life thanks to several space rescue projects being run by the Pentagon, NASA, ESA and JAXA. Unfortunately, most older devices are out of supervision, so alarms related to closetomovies possibility of such objects colliding with new ones will be issued more and more often.

RS Components presented infographics from which we can find out which countries pollute the Earth's orbit with their devices the most. Russia is in the lead in this matter, contributing to the creation of as many as 14,403 space debris. The United States is in second place with an equally massive 8,734 rubbish, and China is third, with 4,688 rubbish under its belt.

Experts calculate that there are already 30,000 different space debris in orbit, which includes elements of rockets, satellites and space vehicles. Forecasts indicate that China will come to the top of this infamous ranking within two years. They plan to launch tens of thousands of satellites into orbit, as well as build a large space station and fly to the moon. Let us hope that the Middle Kingdom will develop technologies that will allow us to recycle useless objects.