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Netflix brings “Game Of Thrones” star Kristofer Hivju for “The Witcher” season 2 – and the role fits perfectly!

From one fantasy saga to the next: Kristofer Hivju, who played fan favorite Tormund Giant Death in “Game Of Thrones”, is now becoming the hairy beast Nivellen in the second season of the Netflix series “The Witcher”.

The usually well-informed ” The Witcher ” fan site Redanian Intelligence has already suspected it, now it brings the confirmation: “Game Of Thrones” star  Kristofer Hivju is supposed to play in the second season of the Netflix series “The Witcher” and indeed slip into the role that RI already suspected.

If you don’t recognize Kristofer you can watch him in Game of Thrones on free2watch. So Hivju was cast for a role called “Nigel” and this is probably nothing more than a code name for Nivellen , because Nigel’s role description fits like a fist to this figure from Andrzej Sapkowski’s books: a charismatic, witty and humorous A man from a good family who was cursed at a young age. The role is also described as “physically demanding” and requires “a wide emotional range”.


Nigel / Nivellen will appear in the first episode of the second season, which should now confirm which adventure we should look forward to when we see Geralt von Riva ( Henry Cavill ) again: Nivellen’s story, which is strongly related to “Die Schöne und the Beast ” and the story“ A Grain of Truth ”from the short story collection“ The Last Wish ”comes from.

As a young man, Nivellen was cursed by a priestess for his many atrocities and turned into a huge, bear-like beast. Nivellen then retreated angrily and lonely to a remote property while the surrounding residents trembled in front of him. Only a woman’s love would save him.

That sounds like the perfect role for Hivju, who had already won the hearts of fans in ” Game Of Thrones ” as an ardent, bearded wildling.


Redanian Intelligence has also been able to learn part of the role descriptions for the second season. In view of the fact that the shooting has already started, we can now count on further actor confirmations at any time. Some could RI already have experience as the performer of the wizards Lambert ( Paul Bullion ) and Coen ( Yasen Atour ) and now Kristofer Hivju as Nivellen.

Fans of the books and games will be looking forward to the occupation of Vesemir with great excitement, Geralt’s mentor. For this part we are looking for a well-known actor – Mark Hamill, whom many fans would like to see , would be one. According to industry expert Daniel Richtman , the role has already been offered to stars such as  Michael Keaton and  Mads Mikkelsen , who both declined.

Other characters in season 2 include Dijkstra, leader of King Vizimir’s Redan Secret Service, a smart spy of gigantic physical proportions, and Rience, probably one of the bad guys of season 2, a cunning and sadistic magician who, according to the role description, “doesn’t shy away from anything to get what he wants “.

Season 2 of “The Witcher” is expected to come to Netflix in 2021. Still in 2020 we will see the animation “The Witcher” “ Nightmare Of The Wolf ”, with which Netflix shortens the waiting time for fans.