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Gene therapy is now able to restore sight to completely blind people

In some forms of blindness, much of the eye works fine, but the vision is perceived by damage to the photoreceptors in the retina, which is the first step in the visual chain. Because when they are activated by light, they transmit the stimulus to further areas of the nervous system, where it is analyzed. In higher organisms, there is talk of the visual path transmitting information to the visual cortex. Unfortunately, photoreceptors are damaged in many eye diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration, and while the other vision mechanisms are working, the patient loses his sight.

Falcon-9 and Crew Dragon by SpaceX have received official NASA certification. We are waiting for the start

It is certain that NASA has officially certified SpaceX and it is the first such case in nearly 40 years, in which a Space Shuttle performed routine flights to the ISS - thanks to this, the Crew-1 mission will start its flight to the International Space Station in a few days. NASA worked with a company founded by Elon Musk as part of the Commercial Crew Program, whose motivation is, of course, the independence of the American space agency from Russian solutions. Thanks to the Falcon 9 rocket and the Crew Dragon capsule, it will finally be possible, and moreover, the Americans will return to space flights from their own territory.

Still only 37 percent of rural areas in the world have access to u

It would seem that nowadays the vast majority of people have internet at home, and although in cities it is basically true, because we are talking about 72% of inhabitants, in the case of rural areas it is much worse, because here only 37% of people can count on permanent access to the network. We learn this and much more from the annual report of the International Telecommunications Union, the world's oldest global international organization under the United Nations, which was established to standardize and regulate the telecommunications and radiocommunication market.

Uber, however, abandons flying taxis. Competition will benefit from this

From the very beginning, Uber focused on unconventional ideas in the field of urban transport, and one of them was certainly autonomous flying taxis. During last year's CES fair, we could even see the design of these vehicles, prepared for the company by the Bell brand, which later underwent several significant modifications.

The Chinese Jiuzhang quantum computer has made groundbreaking calculations

Recently, Google announced to the world that the quantum computer it is building, called Sycamore, only needs a few minutes to make calculations that would take a classic computer about 10,000 years. Now we are hearing news that the newest and one of the most advanced quantum computers in the world from China has broken this record.

This is what the first space radish looks like. Astronauts grew it in orbit

We must remember that the cosmic home is in Earth's orbit, about 400 kilometers above our heads. There are microgravity conditions there, so chemical reactions often take place in a completely different way than on the Earth's surface. Growing vegetables or fruit that can be used as part of the diet of the inhabitants of the International Space Station is not a simple task.

Antibiotics are produced that slow down the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

In short, the overuse and inept use of antibiotics (for example, to "treat" viral infections or prematurely discontinue therapy) have made more and more bacteria resistant to them, making it difficult to treat many diseases. And while we are still developing new antibiotics, the process is not fast enough to keep up with the bacteria - luckily, there is a light in the tunnel, and we are talking about antibiotics to be used together and antibiotics to reduce the development of bacterial resistance. This is a perfect example of how evolution works, because when a drug wipes out a bacterial population, a few out of several million will survive, often due to random genetic mutations, and will pass on new immunity to the next generation.