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Still only 37 percent of rural areas in the world have access to u

It would seem that nowadays the vast majority of people have internet at home, and although in cities it is basically true, because we are talking about 72% of inhabitants, in the case of rural areas it is much worse, because here only 37% of people can count on permanent access to the network. We learn this and much more from the annual report of the International Telecommunications Union, the world's oldest global international organization under the United Nations, which was established to standardize and regulate the telecommunications and radiocommunication market.

The CIA caught and kicked 1,000 scientists from the US to spy on the Chinese government

It seems that both the new American president and the relevant services do not have a moment to rest after an intense election campaign (Chinese attempts to influence it are called a campaign on steroids), because new challenges lie ahead. As it turns out, after the announcement of a new chapter in the trade war, i.e. the passing of the law on the presence of Chinese companies on the American stock exchange, which will only be possible if they decide to submit to the same audit rules as other companies (they will have to disclose, controlled or managed by some foreign government), Beijing has stepped up its efforts.