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Gene therapy is now able to restore sight to completely blind people

In some forms of blindness, much of the eye works fine, but the vision is perceived by damage to the photoreceptors in the retina, which is the first step in the visual chain. Because when they are activated by light, they transmit the stimulus to further areas of the nervous system, where it is analyzed. In higher organisms, there is talk of the visual path transmitting information to the visual cortex. Unfortunately, photoreceptors are damaged in many eye diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration, and while the other vision mechanisms are working, the patient loses his sight.

It turns out that hallucinogenic mushrooms are much more effective than antidepressants

New research aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy is showing remarkable results, with scientists announcing that this is just the beginning. It all started when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to give the green light to research into its positive effects on people suffering from depression, although this substance is clearly associated with the famous magic mushrooms that are able to change the perception of the world by the consuming person - time, space, colors or sound, or induce visual hallucinations.

Uber, however, abandons flying taxis. Competition will benefit from this

From the very beginning, Uber focused on unconventional ideas in the field of urban transport, and one of them was certainly autonomous flying taxis. During last year's CES fair, we could even see the design of these vehicles, prepared for the company by the Bell brand, which later underwent several significant modifications.

Elon Musk showed the main station of the Loop transport system near Las Vegas

Elon Musk showed on his Twitter profile The Boring Company the interior of the main station of the transport system called Loop, which is being built under the City of Gambling. In the film, we can see the hall in the background illuminated with colorful LEDs, with the sounds of one of the songs of the late musician Avici. There are escalators to the main station from the city center. Tesla vehicles are waiting for passengers there, which they can use to set off on their way to their destination. The journey takes place in full autonomous mode at a speed in excess of 200 km / h.

Pentagon is testing electromagnetic weapons. The missiles fly at a speed of 9,200 km / h

The Pentagon has been intensively developing railgun technology for several years. For the purposes of testing, weapons are prepared by defense companies: General Atomic and BAE Systems. The American electromagnetic weapon consists of a 155-millimeter cannon that fires 10 rounds per minute with an energy of 32 megajoules and a speed of 9,200 km / h without any problems. Ultimately, the devices are to be capable of hitting targets up to 200 kilometers away at speeds of up to 6,000 km / h.

The Chinese Jiuzhang quantum computer has made groundbreaking calculations

Recently, Google announced to the world that the quantum computer it is building, called Sycamore, only needs a few minutes to make calculations that would take a classic computer about 10,000 years. Now we are hearing news that the newest and one of the most advanced quantum computers in the world from China has broken this record.